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We build experiences and lives through scientifically crafted guided meditation, blending the art and science of meditation into a lifestyle that enhances everyday living.

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Are you ready to discover how guided meditation and trance works and what it can do? Sigma Va opens the doors to instant trance and the abilities that trance can give you.

Sigma Va uses science to make the "mystical" possible through guided meditation. Unlocking the power within your mind and body so that you can be empowered to be the best you is our ultimate achievement. Sigma Va uses physiology and psychology combined to create a method of efficient trance that can be done anywhere and anytime.

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Sigma Va is...


Easily de-stress after a workout, before the day, or at the end of a long day before bed.

High Quality

Based on the physiological research that uses the body and mind together to create the trance state.

Changing Lives

No more dependence. No more fighting yourself. You deserve the best life.


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  • Includes the Core Sigma Va Guided Meditations: Discover The Power Within!
  • Listen anywhere!
  • Become empowered every morning and
  • love who you are inside and outside...
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  • Includes every Sigma Va Guided Meditation at the time of purchase!
  • Become who you want to be, fully empowered with meditation!
  • Listen anywhere, anytime!
  • Now you can find the power within to jump into each day and relax at the end!
  • Includes your first month of Sigma Va Monthly for free!
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  • Available only to members who own the Starter or Complete package.
  • Access every new meditation the moment it is released!
  • Join the community of Sigma Va trancers and be able to discuss and request new meditations!
  • Listen to the latest meditations via a live stream!
  • Get a discount on Sigma Va Guided Meditation Center dues!
  • Includes Sigma Va goodie bag (with charm and stickers)
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