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Sigma Va First Experience

LAST CALL to Stand Out!

Now’s your chance to Be the First and Last of the only Free One-on-One Stress-Free Personalized Guided Meditation Experiences In Temecula with the creator of Sigma Va Guided Meditation, before we release to the public. Sigma Va is a new, revolutionary, deep meditation that is having massive, significant results for people who seek a holistic connection. 

How does Sigma Va help me control my urges?
Sigma Va allows you to comfortably tap into that deep part of you that urges you to crave and guide it easily and effortlessly to more healthy cravings instead.

What is Sigma Va?
It is a relaxing guided meditation experience that is highly personalized to achieve fast and unique results like confidence, relaxation, quieting thoughts, breaking bad habits, and cutting through the noise to feel like the person you want to be.

Why is Sigma Va only having such a short free window?
Once we have enough people in the free experience, we will have the results we need to release it to the general public.

Tell me how Sigma Va benefits me?
Sigma Va is a form of meditation created by us over our 12 years as leader and director of our own private therapy clinic in which we have unprecedented success that is beyond our national peers. We have formulated an amazing and unique meditation called Sigma Va that allows anyone to access it easily with no preparation or skillet and it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Why is Sigma Va different than any other form of guided meditation out there?
Sigma Va is fast. In fact you don’t have to have any skill set nor prep to drop into deep meditation instantly, which then leads to meditation that’s 4-7 times faster in the result you will get. In fact, many of his clients sought out Sigma Va because other meditation did not work, simply because they could not even get into the zone by the time the meditation was over.
So, again, Sigma Va is easy, simple, and lightning fast.

What kinds of transformations can I receive from Sigma Va?
You can rapidly feel a boost in confidence, being empowered, being energized and alive, and connecting with the real you. Start unlocking your hidden genuine self in a safe and comfortable way.

Why have I not heard about Sigma VA?
This was usually an exclusive one-on-one paid service for high end clients, and now we have been able to distill the formula into an experience that can now be easily enjoyed in the comfort of your home or anywhere you want! In fact, most people will most likely use this before starting something important, like getting a new job, doing a speech, performing, entertaining, or any other forms of genuine and powerful expression that you can imagine now.

Fill out your info below and we will contact you to set up an appointment for an unforgettable experience. Remember, time is limited!